More basic knock-knock jokes please

Post date: 2018-08-10 11:59:45
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The 5-five-year-old has been telling, in various permutations, the interrupting cow knock-knock joke for a couple months. I've been trying to introduce more into their repertoire, with little success -- in part, I suspect, because mine are a little high-level and haven't really clicked as jokes. I think I need simpler examples, especially ones that don't require cultural context. Help?

Two data points for calibration: 1) Last night they made a valiant attempt at "orange you glad I didn't say banana?" -- a little mangled in performance, but still. 2) The best simple one I have right now is "Ghosts go" "Ghosts go who?" "No, ghosts go boo." That one sorta piqued their interests.

I and my sanity welcome any suggestions.
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