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Post date: 2018-08-10 12:46:48
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Am I bad at being supportive of my partner?

My partner has been struggling with eating healthy. She'll make poor impulse choices with food and would always express regret over it. There have been many times where she'll experience depression and feel sadness over her recent weight gain and would vow to never eat anything unhealthy. She would stay on track for a couple of days but then would fall off the wagon.

This has happened a bunch of times and I've always been understanding. I love her and I want to help her stay on track because I hate seeing her upset and depressed. The most recent time she fell off the wagon, I expressed that she had said to me the day before that she was upset and wanted to eat healthy again. She immediately felt like I was guilting her and said she regretted opening up to me.

I felt that I had messed up.

How do I become more supportive of someone who experiences a lot of setbacks? It almost feels like a vicious cycle. I always feel like I want to tell her that but I don't think that would be fair at all.

Thank you
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