Running Lessons? Is that a thing?

Post date: 2018-08-10 13:22:12
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DOT, Jr. came to swimming a little older than his peers. But with some attentive lessons from a local swimming school, he's now solidly average and fully capable in the water. Now he wants to learn to run faster. He wants to know: are there lessons for that?

I want to be clear: he's not asking about how to get started in competitive running or track team. DOT Jr. is--despite being a trim, reasonably fit kid--a fantastically slow runner. At track and field day at school, he came in dead last. This does not bother me. It doesn't bother his mom. But it bothers him.

The way I found this out was I asked what he might like to do as an activity now that he's gotten what he wanted out of swimming lessons. (That being simple competency.) He wants to know if there's some way to get help for form/practice in running, so that he could be faster or "at least not slow."

Again, I want to be very clear: it won't matter how kind and supportive the track team is; he will emphatically not want to sign up if he's the slowest kid in his class. And if he weren't the slowest kid in his class, he likely wouldn't want to get help/training/lessons at running. I'm not immovably opposed to track team but it would be an uphill battle to convince me, let alone to convince him.

So are there tutors? Lessons? Clubs? Is this a thing where I should be looking through the park district?

I am at a loss for where to start. I only run to catch crosswalk lights.
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