What Can I Do In This Micro-Theatre Space?

Post date: 2018-08-10 13:32:25
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I have been put in charge of booking events into a micro-theatre space. Seating capacity of about 50. We already have some theatre productions that use the space, but we want to fill in some of the unused days on the calendar, especially weekdays. Bonus points for events that can repeat monthly...

Some ideas already on the table include:

- Showcase nights for people to sing Broadway show tunes, or even worship nights. Up to 6 hand-selected performers sing 2 tunes each with our accompanist. Have seen this work in other places.

- Singer/Songwriter nights, similar to the show tune showcases, but for original material. Other variation ideas on this theme welcome.

- An evening of theatre scenes, no set, using only acting blocks. (likely less often than monthly)

- Film festival of some sort. (likely less often than monthly)

Looking for suggestions, especially those already tried in other locations.
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