Do I really need studio monitors for making home recordings?

Post date: 2018-08-10 14:38:32
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Do I really need studio monitors for making home recordings? Or could I just use high-quality computer speakers?

I've been recording for a few years and as I was first setting up, I dutifully bought a pair of M-Audio BX5 monitors.

Truthfully, though, I do all my playback and mixing while wearing nice quality monitoring headphones. I have never really gotten the hang of listening via monitors. I know there are important sonic considerations which are made clearer with monitors. But I have failed to really grasp what they are and am pretty non-technical, unfortunately.

On that note, for my last 2 albums I've enlisted outside help with final mixing/mastering which means that person does all the heavy lifting in terms of getting consistency and a good dynamic profile of the music, testing with monitors, etc.

So...if I'm not really capable of making use of the M-Audios, are there comparable speakers you can recommend that would sound exactly like what I'm hearing my headphones?
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