How did this cell phone wrong number happen?

Post date: 2018-01-10 07:42:52
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Help me figure out this bizarre puzzle: how did my cell phone with an area code thousands of miles away from where I'm currently visiting receive a wrong number call from the exact area I'm visiting? (Details within.)

My cell phone with an area code on the West coast received a wrong number voicemail from a business several miles away from where I'm visiting on the East Coast. How?

- My cell phone area code is nowhere numerically close to the current area code I'm visiting, so a fat finger misdial is insanely unlikely, especially since the business is several miles away from me.

- It was a doctor's office with test results-- I've never been to this doctor, I've had no medical tests, and they used the wrong name in the message.

- It's a legitimate doctor's office and didn't want anything from me, so not likely a scam.

- When I called up, they didn't even have my name or number in their system, so it doesn't seem to be an identity theft issue.

- The nurse/receptionist basically shrugged and hurried me off the phone, so it's not likely to be a social engineering issue. They only information I gave her was my cell phone number (to check it in their system) and my first and last name (again, to check their system.)

- I've had this cell phone number for over a decade, so it's not like it's a new turnover issue, and it's still an area code thousands of miles away from where I am.

- The only businesses in this area that have my cell phone number are: a Target pharmacy, a walk-in medical clinic, and a UPS store. I went to the walk-in medical clinic over a year ago when I last visited, and it doesn't seem to be connected in any way to this very specific dermatology office.

- When I went to the medical clinic, they didn't do any lab tests, so even something as insanely unlikely as the two doctors using the same lab and my lab tests getting mixed up a year apart is impossible.

So... how? Could the cell phone tower just glitch and send a phone call to me intended for another cell phone? That's the only way I can think I got this call. It's baffling me.
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