Difference between albuterol manufacturers, defective inhaler, or other?

Post date: 2018-01-10 10:34:59
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I have two albuterol inhalers. They seem to work differently. Please help me figure out what the issue is.

I have an albuterol inhaler that lives in my bathroom (ProAir HFA), and one that I carry with me in my tote bag (Ventolin HFA). They're the same dosage, and I use each with a spacer, although the plastic housing of the Ventolin inhaler doesn't fit as well in the spacer. (There's no good reason why one manufacturer's inhaler from the pharmacy one time and got the other the next; that happens pretty often with my prescriptions.)

The ProAir gives me the shakes like crazy and leaves more of an aftertaste -- both negatives, obviously! But, I also feel like it might work better.

1) Is it possible that the ProAir inhaler's side effects are tricking me into thinking it's the more effective of the two? 2) What's the possibility that the two inhalers made by different manufacturers, but with the same drug and the same dosage, have a significantly different effectiveness? Are they different formulations? 3) Might I just have a defective Ventolin inhaler?

Basically, is it more likely that they're equally effective, but one just has less noticeable side effects and therefore feels less effective?

I thank you, and my flu-ravaged lungs thank you. Personal experience with these inhalers most welcome.
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