anti-blueberry or pro-cranberry conspiracy theories please

Post date: 2018-01-10 10:42:47
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This is kind of random, but does anyone know of any pro-cranberry or anti-blueberry conspiracy theories (preferably posted on clearly disreputable web sites or blogs)? Preferably not both together.

I mean, clearly Big Blueberry is pushing blueberry consumption. Their health benefits have been touted, largely by liberal snowflakes, despite the fact that some folks are allergic to them. Where's the equality in that, snowflakes? Then there's the immigrant labor involved in their production - clearly a conspiracy to harm local economies in blueberry producing areas. Blueberry industry group web sites that share blueberry recipes without any hyperbolic health claims are also useful to me here.

Cranberries, on the other hand, are a superfood. They cure UTIs, of course, but also prevent cancer, clear up your skin and make it glow, improve brain power, and make you stronger and more agile. They are a traditional Western food (very, very traditional), so the anti-cranberry movement is clearly trying to usurp Western values and make us all weaker and dumber. New agey or other pseudoscience web sites that tout the health claims of cranberries in an obviously hyperbolic manner are also useful to me here.

Lacking any actual blueberry/cranberry conspiracy theories, if anyone has some spare time and would be amused in creating such a blog, I would be quite grateful. Thanks for your web searching help, as well!
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