Where should I spend my time off?

Post date: 2018-01-10 12:58:19
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I can will be taking 4-6 weeks of vacation at some point this year, tentatively scheduled for spring however I don't know where to go....

I want to spend most all of this 4-6 weeks in one location, for two main reasons: money is an issue, I need to live cheap and also I like the idea of feeling like a bit of local for a change, compared to my usual travel.

I'm fairly well travelled and fairly well read, I strongly prefer big cities to nature, I've been around a fair bit to some exotic/unusual places and am comfortable anywhere, I will be solo. I have never been to SE Asia or South America however. I have done Europe with the exceptions of Spain and Ireland/Scotland.

Where would you think an urban, curious, 40 year old solo traveller would enjoy hunkering down for a month or more?

Hong Kong? Shanghai? Saigon? Singapore? Lima? Moscow? Dublin? Beirut? Where else?

I'm iffy on India as I'm wary of getting sick.
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