What happens when an air handler and heatpump are mismatched?

Post date: 2018-01-10 14:07:52
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The heatpump that came with our house failed and the home warranty company replaced it, but I think the heatpump and air handler are mismatched. What could happen?

Over the summer, the old heatpump that came with the house we bought failed. The home warranty company supplied a new 4-ton heatpump and a new air-handler. That was over the summer. The system seemed to cool the house just fine. Now, we're in winter and the heatpump has stopped running with a Low Pressure Lockout.

It wasn't until now that I discovered (thanks to a service tech) that the air-handler the warranty company supplied was a 3-ton unit, totally mis-matched for the heatpump.

- Could this mis-match have caused the Low Pressure Lockout?
- Is this something that absolutely needs to be remedied?
- Is there any way for a homeowner to correct the lockout?
- What other problems can occur with such a mismatched system?

FWIW, we're now on our second week with a busted heatpump, in the middle of Indiana in January, and the home warranty company seems to only excel at inserting their heads up their rectums.

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