How to attach an under-desk CPU to a hollow IKEA desk?

Post date: 2018-01-10 14:07:58
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I have a new IKEA desk. Due to Reasons, I decided to mount my large tower computer to the underside of the desk. Upon drilling the initial holes to mount the holder, I learned to my chagrin that the desk is hollow. Is there any salvaging this, or must I return the CPU holder and make other arrangements for my computer?

This is the CPU holder. Apparently, this is what the inside of many IKEA desks looks like. (via).

My computer is a home-built machine with a fairly large case, though it is aluminum. I have no idea how much it weighs, exactly.

I am wondering if some sort of exotic fastener/anchor exists for this purpose, and further if anyone has experiences with them. I don't want to do anything that looks too DIY or interferes with the function of the desk, though (e.g. running a bolt through the desk with giant washers on top, etc).

If I have to, I'll just return the CPU holder.
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