What is glowing green on my tree, in Chicago?

Post date: 2018-01-10 17:54:12
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Tree in my backyard, don't know what kind, pretty tall -- definitely too tall for me to get up where the glowing is -- has maybe two dozen spots, spread throughout the canopy, that glow green after dark. They're BRIGHT! There are also a handful of spots on the nearby phone/power lines, fairly evenly spaced. If you go around the south side of the tree, there are also two red glowing spots. I'm in the Chicago suburbs. What in the heck am I seeing?

My husband swears it's some kind of fungus; to me it looks positively man-made (like paint maybe?); but it's utterly invisible from the ground during the daytime so we are no closer to a guess, and neither of us has been able to capture a good photo or a good glimpse of the cause with binoculars or zoom lens, day or night.

We'd love to know what it is, but if you have questions that can help us narrow it down, we'll investigate that too! (Like, I keep bugging him to look first thing in the morning when it's still dark, to see if they're still glowing, because that would suggest whether it's a charge-and-glow-for-a-while reaction or an all-night thing, but he keeps forgetting.)
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