Bread Machine decision fatigue

Post date: 2018-01-10 18:29:15
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My bread machine finally died. What bread machine should I buy to replace it? Is the $400 Zojirushi worth it? Please enlighten me!

We impulse bought a $30 Paderno machine many years ago, and it lasted over 5 years, but alas, it will no longer work. It seems there's a lot out there, and to be honest, I have made so many big decisions lately that I just can't make a choice here. The more reviews I read, the more I can't decide. My criteria:

* The old machine made kind of tallish loaves, rectangular would be better.

* the paddle always got stuck in the bread, do foldable paddles work?

* We're a 2 adult, 2 bread-loving kid family, so not a tiny one.

* We usually make challah with white flour, so no fancy gluten-free settings required. I also like to make pizza dough in it, but I'm pretty sure they all have a dough setting.

* We're a busy two working parent family, with me back in school this year, so our normal use case is when I assemble everybody's lunch before I go to bed,I notice that there is no bread for sandwiches. One of us can quickly dump ingredients in a machine, set a timer, and there's fresh bread in the morning.

* So I guess I still need a timer

Please don't recommend a stand mixer (I've read the previous 2005 AskMe on this, but hey, stuff changes). I have a gorgeous Kitchen Aid, that could make dough on a day where I'm home all day to tend to it, but assume that though I'd love to make bread from scratch I just won't.

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