migraine prevention for dream job interview!

Post date: 2018-01-10 22:56:57
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potential TMI alert!!] I am on the academic job market. I have a campus interview on Feb 1. I, hm, will probably be ovulating, which is to say the chance of getting a hormonal migraine is high. What can I do to help myself?

I'm super excited about the campus visit.

I've had migraines all my life (female, 33, never had kids). They get noticeably more frequent when I am stressed out or not fit, and less frequent when I am exercising a lot (like 2 hours a day). My main triggers have been food (wine, cheese, MSG, sulfites and nitrites), although I sometimes also get them around ovulation even if I hadn't accidentally injest any trigger foods.

This academic year because I have been very stressed out I have been having a lot more migraines than usual. I've done everything I can to minimize the disruptions:
1) I make sure to stay fit and exercise as much as I can (not quite 2 hours a day though) 2) I avoid all trigger foods and quit alcohol and 3) I've been taking Omega 3 and might add magnesium as well. 4) I stick to a very strict sleep/wake/blood sugar routine.

All of these things have helped significantly, but I still get migraines around the time of ovulation. Even when I get a migraine that's not so painful (and so not so disruptive) I still get the aura (bright light spots in my vision) for an hour.

Is there anything I can do to either delay my ovulation, short of any hormonal therapy (which takes too long and has risks for migraineurs), or to further prevent having a migraine?
I'm not beyond starving for a week for this purpose at this point.

**I do plan on memorizing my job talk just in case I can't see for an hour. i.e. I will be preparing for the worst case scenario, but, you know, I want to try and avoid that also.
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