Closed/anon fundraising option for single mom faced w/child sex abuse?

Post date: 2018-01-10 22:57:06
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Hi folks, I'm trying to help my friend, who is in a really terrible situation with no financial resources to cope with the reality and legal battle around her daughter having been sexually abused. Details kept vague because I have no idea how present on the internet her daughter's abuser is.

Long story short, my friend's child was sexually abused by the person who was providing her childcare. The abuser has lawyered-up and has a lot of resources to throw around, and my friend doesn't. What she *does* have is a strong and loving community of people of modest means who will absolutely chip in to help her. BUT. We can't put her name or story on the internet because of the sensitivity of the situation.The last thing we want is for this to be wayback-machine-able to identify her daughter as a victim someday.

We've gotten in touch with some local resources for pro-bono representation, counseling, therapy for her daughter, a restraining order for the asshole, etc.; what she needs now is money, because she's lost her job due to the sudden need to take her daughter out of childcare and the avalanche of appointments with lawyers/law enforcement/doctors of body and mind/etc.

I fully understand why crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe avoid anon or closed donation campaigns, but in this situation it is appropriate and necessary. Is there such a tool?
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