Help me find a lost iPad

Post date: 2018-01-11 00:21:02
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Partner just lost her iPad in a cab. They have called several cab companies and law enforcement, but without success so far. They are at work, without access to other Apple devices, so I am trying to help from my side, in order to locate their iPad via Find My Phone. Added difficulty: they forgot their Apple ID. More below the fold.

We have tried recovering that password both from iCloud on our iMac and my own iPad, typing their Apple ID and clicking on "Forgot password". However, in both cases, even after typing in the code Apple sends to their (Android) phone, I get a message asking me to type the passcode for their iPad... We know that passcode, but are we wrong to suspect this will do precisely what we don't want: unlock the iPad and make the data available to whoever has it?

We just want to locate it and activate Lost Mode.

Are we missing something?
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