After data breaches, do I need credit monitoring?

Post date: 2018-01-11 01:18:26
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My info has been involved in some of the large-scale data breaches you hear about. Afterwards, I've ignored the notices offering free credit monitoring. Is that a mistake? I have one that offers "Alternative Compensation... up to $36" if I already have credit monitoring. Should I get monitoring from one of the others and ask for that payment?

After the breaches, I temporarily keep a better eye on my statements. Is it important to also enroll in credit monitoring? What does monitoring actually do? Does it have any possible downsides?

I have two notices that I've kept:

One is older, referencing the Equifax breach. Back when that happened, I read something negative about their monitoring, and put off enrolling. I just rechecked at, and it says, "...our records indicate your personal information was impacted by this incident. Click the button below to continue your enrollment in TrustedID Premier."

The other notice is a class action settlement from Anthem. It provides 2+ years of free monitoring. Or, if I already have monitoring, I can apply for "Alternative Compensation... up to $36" instead.

Should I sign up for monitoring from the Equifax one, and payment from Anthem?
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