Sedentary child

Post date: 2018-01-11 01:36:57
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We've got an absolutely fantastic, but slightly sedentary child. Let's call our wonderful seven year old Sid. Sid is extremely verbal and loves to joke around, play with words, listen to stories etc etc etc - Sid is NOT so keen on going on walks, playing sports, running around and generally being active.

I wouldn't say Sid is lazy - he bikes to and from school twice a day without even thinking of complaining - and he's not 'slobbish' in his behaviour - he's just inclined more towards a sit and a listen to a story than he is going for a game of football outside with friends. The question is - to what extent do Mefites think one should leave such a child be, and to what extent is it thought it's better to try to stimulate/nag Sid into more action?

Thanks all....!
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