Should I try a different life insurance company

Post date: 2023-01-24 11:06:09
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I'm in California getting applying for term life insurance. The company is asking a lot of questions, much more than they did for my wife who also applied for life insurance. Is that normal? Is it because my policy is for a larger amount ($3 million vs $1 million)? I'm worried I triggered their system by increasing the amount in the middle of the process.

I'm in California getting applying for term life insurance through Policygenius. Initially the process was straightforward, and I got an offer for Life Insurance at a $500k coverage. But I decided to increase the amount to $3 million and I'm worried that was a red flag for the insurance company.

They had already given me a medical, but they asked to redo the medical. And started contacting all my medical providers from the past.

There is nothing worrying about me healthwise. But I know if you're rejected for life insurance that's a red flag and I'm worried I somehow triggered something within the company.

Am I better off just stopping the application with this company and trying again elsewhere.

Relatedly, they contacted my therapist for a letter. I was seeing him to help decide whether to get married and he has me diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder. Is there anything he should stress in the letter?
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