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Post date: 2022-11-28 03:07:40
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I need to find a pattern for adaptive thumbless mittens. I have found precisely one, and it isn't all that. I have thoughts ...?

This is the one pattern I found and it's ok and all, but a bit plain. Also, it's on double pointed needles and again while I can use them, I find circulars more comfortable.

The question is could I use a pattern I prefer with thumbs included and then just ... ignore the thumb part? What would that do to sizing, gauge, etc.? For context, the gloves are for a young person with special needs who is 11, but small for their age; I was also wondering about using a pattern for baby thumbless mittens and sizing them up but wouldn't know how to do that. Have any of the knitters here done any resizing that worked?

My knitting skills are basic but I've completed scarves, hats, cowls (and many years ago, in my first go round, a sweater and a pair of gloves as well). I cannot crochet at all - it looks hard.

I'm on Ravelry but wanted to ask here first.
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