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Post date: 2022-11-28 08:54:08
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I'm looking for a New England-style fish market in New York City. Help? (I grant that this question may be something that people will only really understand if they have lived in/visited both New York City and coastal New England, but I live in hope.)

While visiting my parents, I stopped into a fish market with Dad to pick up some swordfish for that night's dinner - and I realized I really, really want to find a fish market like that where I live, if it exists:

* The shop was located right bang next to a dock where commercial fisherman brought in their catches, so it was "just caught today" fresh.
* They had a few prepared things, and a small freezer with some frozen shellfish, but it was mostly extremely fresh local fish.
* They catered mainly to customers making small purchases (i.e., us getting 3 swordfish steaks for that night's dinner, someone picking up a half pound of mussels for a fancy date night, someone getting a whole cleaned halibut for a dinner party, etc.).

By contrast, most of the fish markets in New York buy things from the Fulton Fish Market wholesale, so their fish is a little older, or they're super-fancy and the prices are a little overinflated. There's the fish guys at the greenmarkets, but that's only once a week, and their selection is on the small side and most of what I usually look for is gone by the time I get there.

I also know you can order from Fulton Market online, but that has a $75 order minimum. Neither my appetite nor my freezer would be happy trying to accommodate that.

I don't mind going on a hike to get there - but I want the kind of place where if I decide i want fish for dinner tonight, I can go there in the afternoon and get a fish that was caught literally that morning, and walk out only with that fish if that's all I want. Help?
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