Is it normal to not feel attached to a new dog?

Post date: 2022-11-28 11:53:43
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I adopted a shelter dog about 2 months ago. She's adorable, sweet, and easy. I've fostered difficult dogs before her, and she's the complete opposite - no separation anxiety or aggressive behavioral issues. The 2 month mark is typically around when I start feeling attachment to these dogs, so why don't I feel emotionally attached to her yet?

Annie is a wonderful dog in lots of ways. Very sweet, easy, submissive. I fostered before her, and usually start feeling attachment towards dogs around the 2 month mark. Well, it's 2 months and I feel like I could let her go pretty easily. I try to do activities with her that I hope will help with bonding, ie. walks, playing fetch (which she loves more than anything in the world), sleeping together in bed, long cuddles on the couch. I think she feels bonded to me, but I don't think I feel much for her. It makes me sad and worried that I'm going to possibly have a dog for 15+ years that I won't feel emotionally attached to. Feels like a waste.

I fostered for a bit right before I adopted her, and all of these dogs had pretty severe behavioral issues. I disliked all of them at first, but bawled my eyes out when they each got adopted, and sometimes still think about them/miss them. There was a pattern - with these dogs, I'd hate them until about Month #2 when they got adopted -- and I'd always miss them terribly and cry during their adoptions. So I think that's why I'm now (at month 2) trying to measure my affection for her. I also wonder if I only felt more bonded/emitonally attached because they were leaving.

In any case, returning her is not an option so would like to hear tips on how I can strengthen my bond with her, especially would love to hear your stories if this has happened to you and how your attachment eventually developed with your dog over time.
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