Ways to gamify hygiene

Post date: 2022-09-28 02:12:17
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There are some hygiene tasks I don't like doing. How can I make them more fun?

Here are the things I dislike, and the reasons why. I still do these things; my overall hygiene and oral health are fine. I just don't like them and I always feel resistant to doing them.

Peeing in my workplace bathroom: the bathroom smells, it's not very clean (this is not fixable - it's often a port-a-potty at a job site), and at some sites, the stalls are so shallow that my pants touch the toilet bowl when I'm opening and closing the door, gross.

Brushing my teeth: I don't like the taste or chalkiness of toothpaste, or the gagging feeling of brushing my tongue. (I still do it - I just hate it). I dislike mint but I also dislike the other flavours of toothpaste I've tried - they're either too chalky (Japanese flavour toothpastes), too tongue-stingy (toms), or too sorbitolly (kids fruity gel toothpaste).

Washing my hair: this requires a time consuming detangling process which is very boring, and I hate the slimy feeling of cold wet hair afterwards. I also hate the noise of a blow dryer. My hair is happiest when it air dries which takes several hours. I clip it up or wrap it in a microfibre towel for as long as possible during the drying process.

Basically, I'm a cat- I like to be warm and dry and clean. Anything that feels wet or cold or dirty or "ruffles" me feels unpleasant to me. I have a bit of germophobia so I don't like touching public bathroom surfaces. I'm also very attuned to my senses and reactions to things and like to optimize my experiences.

My overall mental health and hygiene habits are fine, and I still do all these things. I just notice how I feel and I don't like to feel gross while doing such frequent and unavoidable tasks.

I'd like suggestions to make these experiences more enjoyable! Anything from practical (wear gloves) to external (pay yourself $5 every time you pee) to mental (you aren't owed a pleasant pee, that's just how life is and thank goodness you have plumbing instead of an outhouse). Open to all.

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