Martian Astronomy - celestial observations from the surface of Mars

Post date: 2022-09-28 04:38:49
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Let's assume you're standing on the surface of Mars between longitude 162°E - 202°E, and latitude 35°N and 41°N (any of the locations marked with a yellow or red star on Fig. 1 on this page. What sky-based events would be meaningful for a human on Mars and also visible with the naked eye?

I'm specifically interested in info or timetables for events that involve the Earth, Sun, or Mars' moons, and events that happen Mars-daily or Mars-annually. So not comets and lunar "eclipses," but things like earthrise, earthset, sunrise, sunset, equinoxes, etc.

For instance, is there a timetable (or even better, a visual) that shows if/when earth would be visible or not visible on any given Mars-day, and when earthrise and earthset is for Martians in this area?

What about moonrise and moonset (timetables or charts) for Phobos and Deimos from this area?

What about events that involve Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn together in some way? My understanding is that those planets are visible with the naked eye from Mars.
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