What's wrong with my bladder?

Post date: 2022-08-13 19:17:12
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I had a UTI two months ago that got better after treatment, but now I have the same symptoms and tested negative (including culture). WTF do I do now? Special snowflake details inside.

I know, YANMD, but the situation is such in my city that I don't have a family doctor and have to advocate for myself at walk-in clinics to get medical care.

32yo cis female here. I've had the same male partner for 4 years, all monogamous. I'm not on birth control and use fertility awareness so I use condoms sometimes but not always. We used to have sex weekly or more but haven't done it so often lately because I have been under a lot of stress.

Less than 2 months ago we had sex two days in a row after a long while and I developed a UTI for the first time in years. I think previously I've had like 2 in the past decade. It seemed not unusual given the circumstances and I tested positive for white blood cells and nitrates and was given Macrobid. They didn't do a culture, but I was back to normal a few days after finishing the antibiotics.

Then last weekend we had sex again for the first time in a while...and 2 days later I started feeling the same symptoms. Constantly feeling like I have to pee, a cramping feeling and a sore feeling from the urethra area. This time though all the tests were negative. I was given Macrobid again and asked for a culture but it came up negative.

The urgent care that diagnosed me only called and told me to stop taking the antibiotics.I think I need to see another doctor to try to get this figured out.

What tests should I ask for? Already tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
What could be causing this? I've read about interstitial cystitis and I'm kinda freaked out. I'm pretty uncomfortable right now and worry that things aren't going to get better.
What should I do while I wait for answers? I'll probably ask to be referred to a specialist but that is likely to take several months.
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