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Post date: 2022-08-14 01:43:58
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I have a question about potentially triggering material in the most recent Thor movie, Love and Thunder. Inevitable spoiler alert so there's

I've been told that there's material related to chemotherapy in Love and Thunder and also a death from cancer. For those of you that have had experience of those events in your family, how extensive are those references and did you find them sufficiently upsetting that in hindsight you wish you'd not seen this installment, or was it a relatively minor part of the plot and somewhat cushioned by the overall tone of the movie?

I'm a bit unsure as to what to do here, as I do have quite a soft spot for the hammer-wielding guy (and also love The Guardians, especially Rocket) so I would like to see this film if I can, but I've just started to get back on my feet a little after a run of anniversaries related to losing my dad that hit me harder than I expected this year, so I'm just trying to be a little mindful about putting myself back into that headspace again.

Happy to read minor-ish spoilers in thread if that will help you make your case for seeing it or not?

Thanks in advance!
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