It's my birthday and good things are coming, eventually

Post date: 2022-08-14 11:19:23
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I'm turning 30 next week! But I'm in a weird transitional phase of life where I've just made a bunch of changes that will improve my life in the long term, but currently have me feeling weird and a bit sad. I'd like to do something for myself to mark the occasion and maybe cheer myself up a little, too. Do you have any suggestions?

Long story short, I just moved back to my hometown and am living out of a suitcase in my parents' basement while waiting for various paperwork to clear, have separated/am ambivalently long-distance from my long-term partner, am less physically fit than I'm used to being (still recovering from an injury), and my friends are all busy and/or grew apart over the years and no one is able to/wants to meet up. What shall I do instead?
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