What makes a great employer?

Post date: 2022-08-10 02:10:55
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What are some employer practices and policies that you've experienced or know about that are most appreciated and/or sought after by employees?

Looking for any thoughts you have on what makes a great employer. This could be policies, practices, perks, benefits, vacation and leave, etc. Open to any ideas ranging from mundane to cutting edge, and from any industry.

This could include things like performance management approach, learning and development, things that make the daily work experience better, leadership involvement/support, compensation (outside of general salary), or anything else that contributes to employee retention or candidate attraction.

Mostly looking for things that were/are successful, but interested too in initiatives that were great in theory but didn't work out, if you can explain what went wrong or why a policy or practice was discontinued.

The three topics that are not in scope as they are already well-understood for the purposes of this question:
- Parental and family leave
- DEI policies and practices
- Flexible work / hybrid models

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