Stretching wifi to cabin office

Post date: 2022-08-08 04:28:32
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Our family just moved into a great new house and one of the advantages is that it has a little out building about 65 feet from the main house that my partner and I are planning to use as our office for remote work. But so far, we can't get our wireless to reach at a strength that makes work possible. We suspect that the only answer is to run additional cable but wanted to query you all first.

My partner who is the more tech savvy of the two of us explains it as follows:

The main house has Comcast 100 Mbps cable service. It comes up from the basement in a coax cable that's connected to a Motorola MB7621 modem, which is in connected to a TP-Link Deco X20 mesh wifi system. We have the modem and main Wifi router situated on the middle of our first floor.

The garden office is about 65 feet away from the primary router. When we set it up, we set up 5 Deco routers (three downstairs in the house, one upstairs, and one in the garden office). We are finding that the transfer of signal from the main house to the garden office loses a significant amount of strength, and that we can't stream or do video calls in the garden office.

Based on some preliminary internet sleuthing, the solutions that seem to be out there include (1) splitting the coax cable in the basement and running a separate coax to the garden office, (2) running an Ethernet cable plugged into the modem from the house to the garden office, or (3) using an outdoor point-to-point wifi bridge.

If we can do something wireless that will be a lot easier since running cables requires significantly more physical work, which we're likely to need to hire someone to do. Is there a good wireless approach that we're not thinking of? Or at least one that doesn't involve running a new cable from the main house to the cabin, which would need to go under stone walls, brick pathways and be run both out of the main house and into the garden office? If we are stuck running a cable, any thoughts on whether we're better off running an Ethernet cable or splitting the coax would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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