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Post date: 2022-06-30 02:16:50
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I am looking for a daily roundup of all MLB games, on a single page, with brief summaries of each game.

With the demise of the agate page--even my local paper, which still has one, sets it to bed at 5:30 pm--it's harder to get quick game summaries of what's going on in baseball. Most apps only give you a page with scores, and then require you to click for the summary on each one (and many sports apps are ... not particularly speedy).

So what I'm looking for is a newspaper or site that lists each game played the day before and includes two to four paragraphs about what happened in each one. Including links to more detailed stories, or a quick way to show the full box score, would be appreciated but not required.

If this site also provided similar services for other major sports (especially basketball and soccer), that would be amazing. If they include coverage of niche sports (cycling? track and field and swimming? winter sports?), too, you would probably make my year.

Subscription sites are fine to propose if they have what I'm looking for. As far as I can tell, The Athletic does not actually do this.
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