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Post date: 2022-06-22 09:46:34
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So I have low stomach acid. Now what?

After weeks of persistent, constant gas and bloating, and pellet-like tiny poops (not with constipation though), I started taking a betaine HCL capsule and a Beano before every meal. Shocked, shocked to find out that the combo eliminates about 80 percent of the gas and bloating.
During my recent research, I've seen that low stomach acid can leave metabolic markers, and sure enough, my blood work from last year shows a couple of them.

I'll be seeing Western digestive specialists and primary care folks to get up-to-date metabolic panels and to request a specific low stomach acid test, but I'm pretty sure that will be confirmed.

So then what?

  • A lot of the gas and bloating is gone, and I'm pooping more normally too. However, I'm frequently tired during the day to the point where I nap a few times a day. For more fun, the food cravings are beyond the pale to the point where binge eating flared again last year. Hadn't done THAT for a couple of decades, and with poor digestion it's hell on wheels.

  • I've cut the amount of animal protein I'm eating, thinking that it's harder for my impaired system to break down, but honestly I'd have more energy on three burgers a day. That's been my experience for YEARS. I wish I could drop a lot of the animal protein, but not at the oft-proven cost to my vitality.

  • I take All Of the Supplements alongside the betaine and Beano: good quality multivitamin, electrolytes, Polyporus mushroom in dried form, shiitake to reduce the cholesterol that's currently being dumped directly into my small intestine (poor digestion, again), spirulina and chlorella algae, fish oil, Vitamins D3 / K2.

  • A Chinese medicine practitioner has recommended that I eliminate caffeine, all dairy, whole wheat flour, and nightshade foods. I've done so. He's also warned against excess consumption of bitter greens, interestingly: I guess my diagnosis has to do with excess heat (and humidity).

  • My Chinese medicine practitioner also recommended daily intake of Polyporus and shitaake mushrooms as well as algae. I'm following the instructions happily, and I'm also receiving acupunture treatments.

If you are a person who struggles with low stomach acid, or if you are a practitioner who's had success in treating it (including restoration of vitality and healthy metabolic panel results), I'd like to hear from you.
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