What should this new "digital country" be called?

Post date: 2022-06-22 21:58:37
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The ostensible title is "The Federation for the Ethically Sound Imperative" as in a borderless "country" that is for something ("the ethically sound imperative") rather than simply just providing for its citizens and upholding democracy etc. as most "developed" countries are (i.e. a country with a mission statement other than "infrastructure is functioning, right? Great.").

Notice: I do not have all the details worked out for this country yet (it's something I'm planning on launching while defining it) so please be kind as far as any criticism to the idea and please remember that this question is specifically asking about how to name the country (though other feedback is welcome if given constructively, of course).

The idea started as an idea for an organization then grew into an idea for a country and now is an idea for "the next evolutionary step in civic entities": a civic identity that one actively chooses in contrast with one that was forced upon people at birth (such as "United States" citizen).

The most important thing I want people to "get out of" this "country" is a sense of identity that they can be proud of for once rather than conflicted and even ashamed about (such as "United States" citizen for many, many "Americans").

As far as the title, I'm specifically trying to figure out if "federation" is the most appropriate word or if something more like "nation" is most appropriate. On one hand I thought "federation" because the initial goal is to have this country be the entity which connects people from their currently existing countries (i.e. "Ghana", "United States", "Sri Lanka") to the overarching "federation". "Nation" seems to be more ambiguous term however would be a safer choice, I imagine (though has less of a ring to it as I see it).

Another option is simply "Civic Entity for the Ethically Sound Imperative".
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