Should I Re-Melt Bacon Grease?

Post date: 2022-05-28 05:02:02
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When I cook bacon I run the grease through a paper coffee filter into a Mason jar. The grease cools into distinct layers in the jar. Should I do something about that?

I've got a small rotation of pint-sized Mason jars for bacon grease, and I recently finished filling one, one batch of bacon at a time. I let it cool at room temperature, then put the jar in the fridge until next time. If you look at the jar from the side you can see the layers from each batch. In cooking with previous jars, I've noticed that the layers don't all have a uniform texture, and sometimes they don't scoop the same way. It's a minor problem at most, but I have the ability to gently reheat a full jar so it unifies into one liquid. Presumably this would cool into one homogenized texture. My question is, should I do this?

I've got a "simmer" burner on the stove, and I have an immersion circulator, so I can definitely manage a specific controlled temperature if necessary. I just haven't had any luck searching for an answer to the question of whether I should bother. Will this improve my bacon grease, will it be a waste of effort and time, or will it in fact make things worse?
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