Thorough Cleaning of Empty Apartment outside of Boston

Post date: 2022-05-28 07:41:41
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I want to pay a cleaning service or person to restore an empty 1250-sq-ft apartment to "shiny and clean." I've never used a cleaning service before, and this would be a one-time job. Given my location and square footage (see inside), how much should I expect to be paying for a service like this?

I'm moving out of this apartment sometime this summer. It's about 1250 sq. ft.—five rooms, a bathroom, and a hallway, with two entryway spaces. When I remove all my belongings, and it's completely empty, I want to pay a cleaning service or person to restore it to its cleanest state possible—top-to-bottom—light fixtures, tops of window- and door-frames, inside closets and cabinets, behind the fridge, inside the oven, the grout in the bathroom and behind the sink and toilet, etc.

I'd say the base level of grime is medium—nothing horrific, but there are a few neglected areas, I'm sure. When I moved in, I found a very grotty landscape—there was a thick patina of doghair and grease on the stove hood, among other yuckiness, which I spent a lot of time and effort cleaning up.

By the time I've vacated, I'd like the landlord and future tenants to think, "what a nice clean empty nice-smelling apartment" when the service is complete. I also don't want my landlord instead to charge me for a cleaning service which he would choose (and which I am sure would cost much more than a cleaning service directly). I also do not have the time or mental energy to spend on this myself.

I've used a cleaning service before, once seven years ago, and under similar circumstances, but it was a very cheap job and I got cheap results. This would also be a one-time job, but I'd like more thorough results. Given my location and square footage, how much should I expect to be paying for a service like this? (Feel free to MeFiMail me any recommendations, if you got'em.)

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