What functions would be affected if I commented out the following code in "db/post-create.php"?

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 What functions would be affected if I commented out the following code in "db/post-create.php"?

Is it can forbid to insert content words index into db? 

and is it will affact search funtion? 

As the content words index cost much time and much db space when posts in large num, so I want forbid index content words function, only leave other index funtion. Does can meet my requirement?

This question related to How to forbid index content when post questions - Question2Answer Q&A


 * Add rows into the database content index, where $postid (of $type, with the antecedent $questionid)

 * has words as per the keys of $wordidcounts, and the corresponding number of those words in the values.

 * @param $postid

 * @param $type

 * @param $questionid

 * @param $wordidcounts


function qa_db_contentwords_add_post_wordidcounts($postid, $type, $questionid, $wordidcounts)


if (count($wordidcounts)) {

$rowstoadd = array();

foreach ($wordidcounts as $wordid => $count) {

if ($count > QA_DB_MAX_WORD_COUNT) {



$rowstoadd] = array($postid, $wordid, $count, $type, $questionid);



'INSERT INTO ^contentwords (postid, wordid, count, type, questionid) VALUES #',





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