Is my hair growing or breaking?

Post date: 2022-05-19 07:07:53
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Recently, I have found that I have a lot (more than usual) of relatively short (3-4 inches long) hairs around my face and even shorter (1-2 inches long) hairs around my nape. How can I tell if these hairs are new growth or breakage

There are reasons why I might be seeing good new hair growth -- better health generally, some vitamins and supplements that are likely to be beneficial for new hair growth -- but also some potential reasons why I might be having hair breakage -- I always wear my hair up in a set of combs that might cause tension damage, I wear a silicone swim cap for an hour most days that could be causing damage and I wear it in a pool so pool chemicals could be causing damage given that the cap doesn't keep the hair dry.

The breakage factors -- wearing it up, swimming -- have been going on for longer (a year+) than the growth factors (3-4 months) and the change is relatively recent, so I'm hoping its progress on my hair not thinning so fast, but I'm worried its a sign I'm making things worse.

Is there a way to tell based on appearance, texture, etc? If I went to a hairdresser, would they be able to tell? I usually only get it cut once or twice a year, because it is just medium-long and straight anyway so there's no shape or style to maintain (see: wear it up all the time). I'm a white woman with fine blonde (but greying) hair that has always been thin and is getting thinner with age.
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