Best hot tubs and baths in Northern California

Post date: 2022-01-26 18:46:53
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I am planning a romantic getaway, anywhere within a ~4-hour drive from San Francisco is fair game. We'd really like to have a private hot tub big enough for two, or a very nice soaking tub, or both. Indoor or outdoor options are fine for either--they just need to be private, not shared facilities. Where are the finest baths in the land? Hotels, resorts, cottages, & cabins are preferred over AirBnB, but will consider anywhere for very nice baths.

In exchange, here are places we already know about that you might want to know about:
  • Nick's Cove in Marshall, CA has several cottages with excellent soaking tubs big enough for a plus-sized person (possibly big enough for two smaller people?)
  • Glen Oaks in Big Sur has several cottages with indoor or outdoor soaking tubs

Not looking for hot springs out in nature this time, unless you know of one that's truly private AND doesn't require hiking to get to AND isn't part of a spiritual/educational retreat.
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