Online scheduling for a therapy practice?

Post date: 2022-01-24 05:56:35
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A friend of mine is starting a therapy practice. I'm helping her set up a web presence. What scheduling tools should we consider? (I'm a web developer, so feel free to get technical.)

We're looking for something similar to the self-scheduling apps typically used by hair salons, doctor's offices, etc. Something which:

– allows her to offer different kinds of services, with (potentially) different costs and different windows of availability

– allows clients to self-schedule (and self-cancel, if needed)

– can either be embedded on her site (as an iframe or script), or hosted for her (e.g.,

– is generally easy to use, full featured, and attractive

– meets relevant security/privacy requirements (as a non-therapist, I don't know what those are)

– bonus points if it also handles invoicing, payments, etc.

Any recommendations?

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