Chewers trash in my ditch. When is it time to visit law enforcement?

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One of my neighbors left an anonymous note in my mailbox last Fall. Since I live on a dead-end street, I responded by writing a note of my own and leaving it in each of the 11 other mailboxes. The reason & sender of the note was revealed to me shortly thereafter & then I started finding tobacco chewers trash in my yard. I've been bagging it & tagging it & am wondering what folks here think about taking it to the cops.

The anonymous note was about all the ruts in our road & asked me to be a good neighbor and mow my ditch all the way to the road.

I live on a dirt road cul-de-sac. My home is the first one to be driven by when you turn onto the road. There is a moderately sized hill at first, and then the road levels off. My driveway is the only one on the hill.

Last Summer/Fall we had a lot of rain and water wold run down the hill making ruts. The ruts started way up the hill, far from my driveway. On my side of the road I had cut 'scallops' into the side of the road to direct runoff into my unmowed ditch.

The letter tried to equate me not mowing my ditch with the ruts which started up the hill. Made no sense. So when I got the letter I scanned it and wrote a letter of my own. It said something like this:

Greetings Neighbors ~
I received the following anonymous note in mailbox over the week and do not agree with it's assertions. I invite it's author call or pay me a visit to explain how me not mowing my ditch has created ruts in the road. Here's my number, email etc.

A couple days later "Tony" from up the road stopped by. He gets out of his truck and the first thing he says is, "We got your letter." I'm thinking "we?" He goes on to say that there's a group of neighbors who have been discussinig the issue, but it was Rich who left the note. He went on to say that the letter wasn't about the ruts. It was that they do not like the way my yard looks when you turn onto the dirt road. They like it better when the prior owner mowed the ditch and the 1-acre side yard which I am converting to native prairie. That prior owner who did all the mowing moved FOURTEEN YEARS AGO.

I walked Tony through my prairie and pointed out the flowers and grasses that I've been propogating and cultivating. He wasn't impressed. He said he gets butterfiles and birds just fine without planting native pollinator plants. I told him that I don't have the equipment to mow the ditch and it wold be dangerous for me to try & I do not intend to do it.

The next day I visited and order "Monarch Waystation" signs for the two telephone poles along the road in front of my house.

I should say that the ditch in question is really just overgrown turf grass with some clumps of Goldenrod and other native flowers. I'm slowly filling it with other native plants, but really haven't been in a hurry to do so. It's long grass & I'm fine with that.

ALL of the neighbors up the hill mow their yards all the way to the road. There are no ditches because it's flat.

About a month after Tony's visit I found a plastic bottle with tobacco spit tossed up into my yard, on the far side of the ditch, near my mailbox & quite a ways off the road. It had to have been tossed. It was curious, but it's not uncommon for things to blow around out in the country, so I picked it up and threw it away. And then a couple weeks later there was another bottle of tobacco spit. Now I'm pissed. I bagged it, wrote the date on it & have it in my pole barn.

Yesterday I found an empty tobacco chew container. Again, far off the road and tossed on the far side of my ditch. I bagged it & dated it.

It seems my upset neghbor or neighbors are now targeting my yard with their tobacco chewing trash. I've tossed around the idea of writing another letter to my 11 neighbors asking them to stop or maybe even sending a sample of the spit to and getting a dna test on it. I'm probably going to keep collecting it, tagging and bagging, but was wondering...

If you were me, when would you go to the cops?
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