Help me estimate how long it will take to develop a training?

Post date: 2021-12-04 09:57:25
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I have the opportunity for a consulting gig developing a new training curriculum, facilitation guide, and training of trainers on a sensitive topic on which I'm an expert. I've developed things like this, on this subject even, before, but as a W2 employee with staff, and I have VERY limited consulting experience. I am terrible at estimating - please help!

I'm not going to be charging hourly, but would like to use an estimate of the number of hours of work this will be to calculate a "not to exceed" cost. I have an idea of what would be reasonable to ask per hour and this seems like the easiest way to do the math. But estimates of how long it takes to develop an hour of training content are ALL OVER THE MAP.

Relevant things - I'm a known expert in this topic, the client reached out to me specifically to do this because it solves a tricky problem and they trust me to approach this with integrity and a strong anti-racist stance, I'm a VERY fast writer, and I'm doing this outside the hours I work in my full time, tangentially-related job. (I cleared it with my employer, no concerns about that.)

I'd especially like to hear from people with consulting experience, better yet if it involved instructional design. How many hours of work would you estimate for this? And/or: if you've done a similar project as a consultant, what did you charge?
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