vacuum cleaner sought

Post date: 2021-11-29 16:36:30
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ISO a vacuum cleaner capable of handling voluminous quantities of pet hair.

I attempted to research this online and wound up with a blizzard of options. Since I am pressed for time and people here are always very helpful, this is what I need in a vacuum cleaner:

* can pick up a lot of furballs
* good with bare floors - there are no carpets
* upright preferred
* doesn't have to be cordless
* no Roomba roboty things - too many obstructing things on the floor, including at times the cat's upchucked dinner
* strong suction
* decent attachments
* can be with bags or canister, depending on which handles fur better
* not the cheapest and not the most expensive

... halp? Old vacuum broke and the fur is threatening to storm the battlements... :)
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