Reflective and stylish?

Post date: 2021-11-28 13:30:39
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Are there any stylish accessories that are reflective to help me be more visible in low/dark light conditions?

I am moving to Seattle and suspect that walking about in the city known for grey skies/drizzle is a bit dangerous for pedestrians.

If it's dark, I'd like to be able to throw on something that's somewhat stylish -- like a highly reflective scarf/shawl and gloves. Ideally this is something I can easily keep in a my coat pocket. I can be open to the idea of maybe adding some reflective... um stickers? to my primary rain jacket, but I would like it to not look weird when it's normal day time. Needs to be workable in rainy conditions.

Specific product links are appreciated. I am open to some light crafting work with specific guidance, e.g., take this thing and sew it on the sleeves at the wrists. Ideally, I'd like personal recommendations of what has worked for you.
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