Professional Development Budget Recommendations - School Edition

Post date: 2021-11-24 20:04:00
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I have a new job in a database/admin role at a school district and have a $750 budget to spend on professional development. Snowflakes inside.

I'd appreciate any class or other recommendations metafilter has to offer. I am a database administrator, but also do a variety of admin tasks for a school district. The other similar questions are quite old at this point. I have some topics I'm interested in, but I'm having trouble finding specific things. Please feel free to suggest things not on this list.

- Python (Goal is to automatically download reports from a website)
- Excel (specifically INDEX, MATCH, HLOOKUP functions, conditional formatting)

- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in database management (I am a white cis woman.)
- Increasing Teacher & Staff Diversity (department staff is almost all white, students are almost all not, I have a somewhat managerial role with some power)

Other Skills
- Project Management (on the shorter side, don't think I could do a full class)
- Time Management (something I've always just been curious about)
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