Static Sites for the Not Techinically Inclined

Post date: 2021-10-24 06:23:22
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My mom maintains the website for the Friends of the Library in her area. It's currently on wordpress.com and she finds the interface rather frustrating. I suspect she would be happier maintaining something via a static site generator rather than a CMS. Is it even plausible I could get her up and running in such a set up? Do I need to teach her to use git?

For purposes of this question, let's define technical as 'comfortable with the idea of the command line'. My mom was out of the workforce when DOS was a thing, so she has truly never used a terminal. When I was growing up, she was good at computers, but home computers stopped requiring quite so much maintenance knowledge and she re-entered the workforce, so didn't have time for "projects".

About seven years ago, I got my mom to learn a bit of HTML on CodeAcademy or something because both of us were completely stuck trying to get Wordpress to actually do what she wanted via its richtext editor. She's forgotten it because she not used that knowledge since, but the experience has given her enough self-confidence to believe she could learn how to manage the site if we took it off Wordpress. However, I'm a bit intimidated by the thought of explaining git to my mom. I think my questions boil down to the following:

  • if you are not at all technical and have managed a website but found Wordpress more trouble than it's worth, what did you do?

  • have you ever explained git to someone for this sort of narrow purpose?

  • do you have opinions on the best hosting option if I actually convince her to go this route?

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