What's your favorite prep bowl set?

Post date: 2021-10-24 16:16:41
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What's a great set of clear food prep bowls for the OCD home cook to pretend they're a sous chef on a tv show?

I want to buy some clear prep bowls like you see chefs and bakers use on tv as a gift for a basic home cook. The recipient loves preparing everything individually before cooking and takes great satisfaction in seeing all of the ingredients lined up. They went as far as to pour a box of Kraft Mac and cheese into a soup bowl tonight for me while getting ready for dinner and lined it up next to onions and peas in little dessert bowls.

While if it were me, I'd love matching lids so we could store stuff in the fridge without using Saran Wrap, I think they would like the plain set that chef's use. Specifically they have pointed out they love the ones that are used on Zoe Bakes, but I think anything classic, French, or well designed is great. Zoe's website has a shop section with an Amazon link but I never know if it's a rec by default because it's the version available on Amazon. I'm open to different price points and sets you can recommend. I've seen this one at Sur La Table but wanted to see my options.
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