Help me find my ideal stretching routine

Post date: 2021-10-23 04:40:17
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I would like to stretch to a different video each day for the week, no longer than 10-15 minutes a day, alternating stretches for different parts of the body so I know that my whole body has been effectively stretched over the week. My ideal video would be slow with a deep, mindful focus on an area.

Is there a video series or YouTube channel that does this? I'd also be willing to pay. I know I wrote 10-15 minutes, but I'd prefer closer to 10 -- this seems to be the most difficult part of my search.

I can use props like a foam roller, block, strap etc. I don't know much about the science of stretching, so no specific requests in that area, could be yoga or isometric exercises—just something effective.

Bonus question: if someone knows an effective pre-bedtime stretch, please share!
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