Please help with this single pane sliding door

Post date: 2021-10-20 14:49:10
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The room-width (144") sliding door to the balcony is delightful in summer, a nightmare in winter. Details below the fold.

The balcony door in my living room is single pane and faces north and west. In the winter, the cold radiates about 6' into the room ... which is where I sit and where the furniture fits. When it's really cold, the condensation on the inside of the glass freezes solid. As far as I can tell, there aren't drafts per se ... just cold coming in through a thin piece of glass.

I can run a space heater next to the sofa all winter, but would rather not. There are currently vinyl vertical blinds, which I usually leave mostly open for light. Since the landlord isn't going to replace this, what are my options? That old fashioned plastic shrink wrap would mean I can't use the balcony when winter weather is nice. (And it often is.) I can ceiling mount a curtain rod like this and then ... will curtains help? I hate losing the daylight (have a great view), but don't want to spend another winter freezing. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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