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Post date: 2021-09-25 06:14:19
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My folks need some help and so do I. Parents are in their 70s/80s. Mom has Parkinson's, Dad has diabetes and some complications related to that. They live in the house I grew up in, independently, but are starting to really need some support to stay there (or else they need to move). They probably need some limited personal care (e.g, someone to supervise showers), housekeeping, meals.

They likely have some assets available to pay for these kinds of services, and they probably don't qualify for any income-based services. My efforts to locate someone to assess their needs (or even just hire each of these services) are going nowhere. Calling the Senior Linkage Line led to a recommendation to have a county MNChoices Assessment. but the assessor refused to refer my mom after speaking with her, since she doesn't qualify for any county-funded services (even though the assessment is supposed to provide recommendations regardless). She gave my mom a list of websites, and my mom told her not to call me, which isn't helpful: Mom can't navigate the websites or even write them down legibly. Both my folks present as healthier over the phone than I think they actually are.

What's a useful place to start getting support for elderly or disabled parents? If you are Twin Cities based and have navigated this for your relatives successfully, I'd especially like to hear specifics about who you called, who was helpful, and what they had to offer.
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