Gastritis flare up. How to judge cause?

Post date: 2021-09-19 00:48:34
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I have gastritis, probably caused by anxiety. I suspect some foods might be exacerbating it. I've gone on a bland diet. How can I judge whether a certain food might be irritating my stomach? Pain minutes after eating? Pain only starting the next day? Please don't suggest alternative diagnosis to gastritis for my problem, if you don't mind.

At the moment my only symptom is burning pain just above belly button. No heartburn, no acid reflux. I won't list all the tests I've had, but I have had all of them and the GI specialist says I have a damaged stomach lining. My doctor says it's because of anxiety and that seems to fit. I am seeing a therapist and doing everything I can to alleviate the anxiety. I have been tracking my symptoms and everything I eat.

I started taking a PPI which seemed to help but then things got worse again, probably because my husband got Covid and I was quite anxious about that. We're both fully vaccinated and I haven't had any Covid symptoms.

I already avoid all the obvious gastritis causing things (coffee, alcohol, etc). I would like to restrict my diet even more for a while to reduce the likelihood of things that might be irritating my gut. So I'm on a bland diet for the moment, being careful to get enough fibre.

My question is, what is a typical time window after eating something, to judge whether it affected me? So I can reduce the number of factors I'm tracking. For example, I had my usual breakfast. Felt fine for several hours afterwards. Pain starts about 6 hours later. Seems unlikely to be what I had for breakfast , right?
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