Info on getting another vaccine after 2 jabs of Astra Zeneca?

Post date: 2021-07-23 09:24:10
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Partner and I got our second dose of Astra Zeneca last week in Australia (10 weeks between first and second jab). We're trying to judge the advisability and effectiveness of getting vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna - either a single-shot booster or a full two-dose course - now that we're back in the US where we reside. All the info I can find on the Internet relates to getting first and second jabs with different vaccines.

I haven't been able to create a search query that gets me results pertaining to getting vaccinated with a different vaccine after being fully vaccinated with Astra Zeneca.

We're hoping to improve our resistance to the Delta variant, and we also have been having some difficulty in our efforts to get official vaccination verification records from Western Australia (since we're not enrolled in their health care system there). And we're not sure being vaccinated with AZ will be accepted if we end up being required to show proof of vaccination for some reason.

Any links to info about the efficacy or protocols regarding getting a different vaccine after getting two shots of Astra Zeneca would be appreciated, as well as well-formed opinions about the idea.

On preview, I've looked at the suggested similar questions and they don't really cover what I'm looking for.
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